Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Day Off at Huntington Beach!


The weekend is always busy, too many people and the 80F degree makes me feel crazy.....

My boyfriend works for US open in Huntington beach which is really beautiful beach and I want go there at a Sunday afternoon.

Bikini girls, muscle guys and California palms! I was like : OK, let me put on my bikini next time, but the first thing is to get away from french fries!

Today's Coordinates:
earring: wildfox
shirt: American Apparel 
(I really really want to have it when I first saw it on a magazine!! gorgeous color block, gorgeous postal color!)
shorts: Stylenanda

and the black see-through puff top is from American Apparel too, I just bought it when I passed by an AA store near the beach. 

I love love it!!!!!

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