Thursday, October 27, 2011


So excited to get some parcels today!!!
I get a 6 color brush palette from NARS that contains Hungrey Heart, Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Desire and Casino! I never use NARS products before but I know its famous for blush especially for that Orgasm.
Even though lots of people dont really like "Orgasm", it fits me very well.  Its a kind of orange color with sequin but not very wierd. 
Another color "desire" is really pink like cotton candy and it will become my new must-have blush color: )
Overall , its really worthy and practical for daily use. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Color for My F/W

So excited to get the nail polish from Butter London
I got them last week from ULTA website.
I never use Butter London's produts cauz they're so pricy campare to OPI
but the buying benefit of Butter London is "3 free" 
I dont remeber the exact meaning, I just know its much safer and healthier than other products.
There are so many Unique colors they carry
but I want to get the color for this fall and winter and it should be classic but unique as well
I choose blagger for vivid navy
Yummy yummy for nude
and Knees up for shining wine

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My new make up favorates!

I got this from a Korean fashion website STYLENANDA, thi price range from $10 to $30    

From left to right: Silver eye liner gel, Navy nail polish, peacock blue nail polish
Taro nail polish, orange tint, dark brown cream eye liner.

My new favorate color from MAC called The Amp, I thought its the color of blueberry. I found this color from a Japanese magazine saying its this F/W trends color

                                   I put some of nail polish into a piece of paper: )

A new mascara from Anna Sui. I bought it from a Taiwan website and cost $25
It smells like fresh rosemary when I appliy it on my eyelash
A set of make up brush from e.l.f studio line
Its a gift from my sweet boyfriend: )
There are overall 11 pieces

I just applied a lip concealer and I look so pale...

I put taro and navy color but it does not last long

Love that blueberry color on my lips. Recommended!!


Long time no see: Ring Me!!

 Glass: Urban outfitters
T: Topshop
Sparkle shorts: American apparel

                 I thought I've lost this blog but I found it today occasionally: )
I take textile and professional apparel class this semester with lots of fabics and experiments and other fashion projects.
I start keeping updating this blog cauz the next semester we will be collected blog and shared with classmates. 
Another reason is I bought a new magic camera so I can take more satisfied pics with my daily outfit....