Monday, January 28, 2013

A Day Off in San Diego : )

I am always way behind to post my photos, always....

 I went to San Diego earlier this month, its kinda chill outside even in LA, so we drove to south to see if spring comes earlier there.

It is my first time to go San Diego downtown, I don't have any idea about this city before, all I knew is about the sea world or zoo's thing. Now this time, I had one day here and I searched some cool restaurants and many parks to go.
My route is basically like this:
I5 -- La Jolla cove--Oscar's Mexican seafood--old town--downtown--museum & parks--Mitch's seafood.

Well... I do love seafood and it is freakin awesome when its put with tacos. I highly recommend the restaurant I list above. Even though it is not like the pretty fancy one, it still worth to visit. They both have like 4 to 5 stars in yelp and I believe they are local's favorite~~

Yum, yum. I love this city, its urban but still so quiet and peaceful. But I definitely will go back for seafood and tacos, unless I found the better one in LA~ I hope!

Trip Coordinates:

Denim Jacket: American Apparel
cardigan: lily brown
disco pants: american apparel
shoes: american apparel
silky scarf: salvatore ferragamo

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  1. mm, 我很喜欢你的miumiu小包!!从华人上追过来,