Friday, December 9, 2011

Wildfox!!! Sample Sale!! in LA!!

 I really like the interior here, everything is fantastic!
Just like in the WILD.

 This pair of heels just launched recently that is a coorperation with Jeffrey campbell!

celebrity wall here give me lots of inspirations about the outfit

Finally I got this piece! The color is unique, the silhouette is amazing.

 Street coffe shop

Here we have a wildfox sample sale in Los Angeles!!
 I was so EXCITED because I am a big fan of this chic brand. 
The price is kinda expensive to me, so I definitely cannot miss this chance, especially its in down town LA!

Wildfox is really hard to find cauz there are tons of sample sale in that buiding. LNA, Motel, Juicy Couture, Splendid .....
well, I just go straight to Wildfox in the 3rd floor.

I have to say the interior in Wildfox is really really fantastic!
It has a whole wall to display the celebrities wear in Wildfox garments. I really like the hue of this pictures. So retro, so rock, so chic!

By the way, the retail price is affordable! I forgot to take a picture of the price sheet. 
The t-shirts are all $30
and the fleece is about $50!
I got four pieces and its about 140 which is really cool compared to other retails!

Love Love Love!

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  1. You lucky girl! That looks like such a fun sale!!