Friday, December 23, 2011

Las Vegas PartI

Well, its my third time in las vegas..still crowded and I feel kinda boring here now. 
After driving four hours... We finally arrived Mandalay Bay hotel that I booked online before. It looks really valuable with luxurious interior, and I really love the settee beside the French window! 
Tired of wearing boots and heels before, this time, I take on my favorite Dr. Martins and it does make me feel better. 
Also, tired of the visiting-hotel-routine, I choose to do something new here. I saw the 3-D movie in M&M world and tried to take more pictures for fun...
In the dark night, when I walked on the street, put myself in a heavy white wool coat without any alcohol in my hands. I just feel like I do not belong to Vegas.

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  1. Your so pretty and dinesyneland is a wonderful place to go in holiday w/family..