Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pre-holiday Shopping!

Only one week before Chirstmas!
My besty and I went to south coast for pre-holiday shopping. Acturally we both have trips next week. She goes to Hawaii and I will be Las vegas!
The mall is so crowded as I can guess how it will be crowded in Vegas..
So, we just do window shopping. My favorite one is brooks brother as I take more shoot for it. It is so English and looks really high-fashion... but the wool scarf just makes me feel fuzzy.
 I also like the Gucci black dress especially its silhouette and tailoring.

Um, I think I may know what to bring for my trip

Today's Coordinate:
Cardigan and Shorts from Stylenanda
Fleece from Wildfox ( my first time to try ethnic pattern)
handbag from Miu Miu

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