Saturday, July 28, 2012

wildfox & American Apparel Haul for July


Yesterday, we went to Wildfox and American Apparel for shopping spree which is a really amazing experience cauz everything seemed to be super cute and the price is more affordable than what I thought before~

There is no wildfox store near our living area, so we have to drive to down town LA,  although the traffic is horrible, we finally arrive there by 11, and there is already a long line that we have to wait and people keep leaving with many gorgeous pieces they already purchased : (

This is my third time here, and this time I don't want to buy any everyday T-shirts or dresses. I want to seek more unique garments that I could wear for styling.

I bought an orange crop which is really really short, almost just under my breast. I  hesitated to buy it at first, but the lovebird patten caught my eyes. I believe I will miss it if I leave...

Finally, I bought this crop, a California girl tank which only has the large size, a girl's dress and an American flag knit from white label collection. Oh, i also bought some jewelry and I am sure I may wirte another blog someday for them.

And then, we rushed to American Apparel flea market, things are quite different from last year. Items are almost new, only one or two customers and no line anywhere. 

I bought a color block chiffon shirt, a white chiffon shirt which is their signature item and a baby rib cardigan for my boyfriend. I also bought a velvet rib short (which is much cheaper than last year) and a leather small bag and I haven't decided what to put in. 

Today's Coordinate: 

top: topshop
denim: from korea
skirt: American Apparel
boots: jouetie 
clutch: balenciaga

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