Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My New Workplace: Imonni




Hey,I am so excited to write this blog because it is about my brand new internship!
Even though, it is really hard for me to quit my last magazine job and find a new retail store in a week, I finally find this one just two days before my class due day XDDD

I love this vintage Japanese store. Its called IMONNI and just located in the 4th street. 
You do can find little cute Japanese stuffs here, but most of them are old school American style.

Another two girls work here are Tracy and MJ, they are really nice and pretty. We all love trying clothes or accessories here and taking pictures : )

This vintage shop brings me lots of inspirations. They do carry my favorite brands like WILDFOX, JOY RICH and some high-end brands like MCM, Dior and Chanel. ( I should get that vintage Chanel jumper for 84 bucks right?) There is also a huge Jeffrey Campbell area!

For my following intern life, I might mix and match some garments that I really like, and post on my page here and facebook as well.

Today's Coordination: 

Blouse: American Apparel
Skirt: Stylenanda
Lips: Stylenanda 307 (nice color but toooo dry!)

(I will put the price and name of the hat and glasses tomorrow! )

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  1. Ahh that shop looks adorable!!! I really want to visit!!