Friday, February 10, 2012

Floral Sunnies and Cute LOVE Ring

I highly recommend this cute floral sunnies that Imonni sell today.
It looks really retro and chic and also it can be matched with any urban style outfit or vintage look. Actrually I want it for a long time. I used to look for it at several mothes ago. I know they do carry this kinda sunnies but its really pricy!
But in Imonni , its only 9 bucks! 
So, I cant to wait to buy it when I saw it today. Well I know its a smart choice for me. 

Another accessory that I bought today is a LOVE ring.
Its 8 bucks, kinda pricy but I think it worth it.
We do have a "big" LOVE accessory line that everyone knows the V-day comes next Tuesday : )

Today's Imonni Exclusive: 
Floral Sunnies: $9
LOVE rings: $9
 Vintage Doodle Jumper: $48
Jeffrey Campbell ( only 6 size left) $148
Vintage handbag: $38
Vintage Mini Clutch: $12

Today's Coordinate:
Blouse : Stylenanda
Chiffon Double layered Skirt: American Apparel 
Always, Dr Martens

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